Leslie Gillis had the joy of introducing Deborah Clark and Sue Simpson. They once more had the opportunity to inform and entertain the group of more than 90 women gathered via Zoom for the general meeting.  With their husbands, the sisters shared their adventures in Australia where they traveled last Spring.  An additional adventure was provided by the very short notice that borders were closing due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus and their flight back to the States needed to be booked very quickly! The group appreciated the tale and the fact that they arrived back in Chatham safely!

Representatives of Outreach and  American Heritage, Cultural, Epicurean, and  Literature special interest groups informed the membership about some activities they will sponsor in the coming months. Everyone acknowledged the adjustments necessary due to the requirements of social distancing. For this year, there is no additional charge to join any of the special interest groups. If there is a speaker fee, those participating will share the cost of the fee.


The women serving as Zoom Masters for all virtual activities have given instructions about the new procedures to participate and will continue to support the programs to be presented in the coming months.