September 2019

Deborah Clark and Sue Simpson informed and entertained the group at the General Meeting as they spoke about their trip through several South Asian nations. With their husbands, the sisters shared wonderful adventures and enjoyed learning more information about the people and the history of the countries.  We all enjoyed our virtual trip with them.

New members

The special interest groups and Outreach informed the membership about activities they will sponsor in the coming months. It promises to offer many opportunities for learning more about our community and enjoying varied activities.


The American Heritage group met at the Clark home to hear about the adventures of two people who grew up in Chatham during the '50's and 1960's. Dick Hosmer shared many vignettes about the freedom older children and teens had to explore the beaches and waters surrounding Chatham. Abigail Dougherty spoke about the experiences of living in a sparsely populated area and the freedom to explore without many constraints.