MARCH 2019

Kristen Andres, Director of Education and Outreach of the Association to Preserve Cape Cod brought handouts and photos to enhance her presentation about the vital part the community plays in preserving our environment. It was interesting to learn about the opposite journeys of American eels and herring as the eels live their adult in freshwater and spawn in saltwater.  As we enjoy the 24 ponds in Chatham by walking, swimming and boating in the waters, we can adversely impact the health of these ponds by overuse The ponds are complex environments for the plants and fish need human awareness and care to maintain healthy balance.

         Outreach Programs

A group of 20+ women worked together to provide an exciting afternoon at the Council on Aging. They made the decorations, baked and served the food and socialized with the full house of attendees for an awesome Copacabana celebration.