The Women's Club of Chatham offers membership to residents of Chatham, Harwich, or other nearby locations. The objective of our Club, a nonprofit organization chartered for other than profit making activities, is to enrich the educational and civic life of its members and the community. Consistent with this goal, the club engages in educational, humanitarian and charitable activities.


If you would like to find out more about membership, please email:


Print out this form and mail to address at bottom with your dues


Women's Club of Chatham Application for Membership




Address: _____________________________________________________




Mailing Address: _______________________________________________




If you are away in winter, what months are you gone? ___________________


Phone: ___________________________________


E-mail Address:____________________________


Month and Day of Birth: ______________________


I would be interested in the following Departments or Committees:


  American Heritage         Literature                                      

  Civics                                Membership

  Epicurean                         Public Relations 

  Health and Wellness

What are your hobbies and special interests? 





We look forward to having you join us.


Please print out and return this completed application to the Membership Chairman with a check in the amount of $30 for your dues made out to Women's Club of Chatham.


Membership Chairman

Women's Club of Chatham

P.O. Box 463

Chatham, MA 02633


Dues: $30.00 per year