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The Art and Writing Contest

"My Voice Speaks For A Better World" 

Art and Writing Contest 2018

                  Addressing the United Nations Goals :

  •   Ending poverty

  •   Sustaining our oceans and planet Earth

  •   Ensuring prosperity for others

This is the second year that the Women's Club in cooperation with the Creative Arts Center and Monomoy High School teachers, sponsored a contest for middle and high school students in the Monomoy Regional High School district. The accepted art categories are paintings, posters and videos. The accepted writing categories are, poems, essays, and short-stories. Some of the entrants and entries are shown below. 

The list of winners:


First Prize - Laura Brown: sea otter surrounded by trash

Second Prize - Olivia Hart: video with message to take care of our oceans

Third Prize - Abigail Wallace: painting of an ocean wave

Honorable Mention Ribbons:

Liam Mawn, video :"Be The Change"

Jason Morrison, video: Plastic Harma

Jamie Routhier, poster : Our Oceans,: the planet's biggest ecosystem

Kerisha Watson: painting depicting how either prosperity or poverty can grow using the growth of two different  trees to illustrate the two different growth processes.

Art submissions also included:

Haylee Carlson - painting: "Sunrise on the Ocean"

Jenna Beebe - mixed media: "Sustaining Coral Reefs versus their Probable Decline"

Joshua Liska - poster: Ensuring prosperity for all showing assets moving from the wealthy to the poor

Nathan Amaker- poste:, Ensuring prosperity showing solutions to poverty and bridging the gap to hope.

Emma Sullivan - video: "Plastic Oceans"  - technology to clean the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Nicholas Meehan - video: "Beach Cleanup" - Harwich Conservation Trust and Americorps lead the way!

Kyle Charlot - video, Litter and Rubbish disposed improperly harms the environment! Let's fix it!


First Prize - Kyla Gilley, poem: "a Spark of Change" comparing poverty to a block of ice

Second Prize - Eve Aboud, poem: "If the Earth Could Speak"

Third Prize - Jacob Burne, poem: "Loving Our Oceans"

Honorable Mentions Ribbons:

Megan Montiero - poem: "Delilah"

Syla Ziemba -  short story: "Clouded"

Writing submissions also included:

Makenna Dwyer - poem: "One Life at a Time"

Lauren Walsh - poem, :26 Muscles"

Emily Celia - poem: Your Heart Glows" 

Lily Ryan - story: "Sunshine on a Stormy Day"

Eli LaCroix  - essay: "Poverty grips our planet"

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