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The Friendship Award


This award is presented to honor a Women's Club member who exemplifies the qualities of innate kindness and thoughtfulness, an unassuming person who is always there to help…to encourage…to smile…and to be a friend. The award has been given by the Women's Club of Chatham since 1991 at the Friendship Luncheon, held each year in May. The tradition was started by our very own Barbara Sifflard and is meant to bring friends together, which achieves a Club objective of broadening and strengthening the social life of its members.


The past recipients of the Friendship Award are:

Elizabeth Small

Jane Wagner

Mildred Westhaver

Elsie Woolaver

Peg Tischler

Mary Geiger

Mary Smolens

Marilyn Hagerty

Elaine Knowles

Ann Smyth

Doris Adams

Joan Mahoney

Marilyn Allen

Anne Brown Vets

Barbara Sifflard

Jane Wade

Clara Slockbower

Regina McDowell

Judith Clifford

Sharon Oudemool

Joanna Schurmann

Martha Batchelder

Suzanne Burley

Ann Pronovost Buckley

Robin Zibrat

Ann Hosmer

Susan Simpson

Deborah Clark

Abigail Doherty

Ann Wade

Anne Dickson

Jen Stello

Lorraine Cocolis


2023 Friendship Award recipient Lorraine Cocolis

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