Monthly Meeting Programs

September 9, 2021

“Dancing in the Aisles!  The best party tunes of the 1960s and 70s”

John Whalen


Come join Chatham’s favorite DJ and music guru for a lively celebration of rock ‘n’ roll.  Bring your dancing shoes, and get ready to have fun together.


October 14, 2021

“Chicks with Swords:  Depictions of strong women in art”

Dr. Martha Hollander.  Professor of Fine Arts, Design and Art History, Hofstra University


Women in art are often portrayed as passive virgins or sweet Madonnas.  But not always!  Martha Hollander will share images of strong—even dangerous-- women, and discuss what those images tell us about society at the time.


November 11, 2021

“Chatham Past and Present”

Tim Wood


Tim Wood, Editor-in-Chief of the Cape Cod Chronicle as well as historic Chatham tour guide, will share little-known anecdotes and issues from the history of both newspaper and town.

December 9, 2021

Annual Holiday Program

January 13, 2022 

"The changing population and environment of Cape Cod:

What does the future hold?"

Kristy Senatori, Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission



The real estate market exploded on the Cape in 2020.  What does the change mean for life here? Kristy Senatori will discuss the latest information, along with plans being developed to protect our communities and environment.

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